Sunday, 31 December 2017

Favourite Reads of 2017

It's the end of the year, which can only mean one thing; It's time for the annual Top Reads of the Year post! I read 68 books this year, which I'm a bit disappointed with. It is in no way a small number but comparing it to the number of books I read in previous years (100 in 2015 & 103 in 2016) I can't help but feel a bit gutted. But to be fair, I did have my A-level exams this year & I started University, so a lot of my free time was taken up by copious amounts of revision and work.
Before I get into my favourite reads, here's a little disclaimer: The books on the list may not have been released this year, but I read them in 2017, which is the thing that matters. Also, there is no particular order to this list - apart from one book, my favourite book of the year!

Flame in the Mist - Renee Ahdieh
Up first we have Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh! This book was stunning - both inside and outside. We follow Markio who is ambushed by the Black Clan while on the way to meet her future husband. After surviving, she decides to take matters into her own hands and disguises herself as a man to infiltrate the clan and take them down from the inside. My favourite thing about this book, without a doubt, was the female empowerment! ✊ Mariko may not physically be the strongest, but she proved her strength in other ways. Her mind is her best weapon & I am here for women slaying everyone and proving men wrong. (Click the cover to read my review)

A Darker Shade of Magic - V.E.Schwab
Guys, I did it! I finally read a V.E.Schwab book & let me tell you, it was AWESOME. This series, among her other books have been on my TBR for ages, but for some reason I never got round to picking one up. Well, this year I changed that. A Darker Shade of Magic was such a brilliant fantasy story - I loved the setting of the different Londons (so unique!) and I absolutely fell in love with the characters; Kell & Lila were the main reason I loved this book so much. I've also started the 2nd book (A Gathering of Shadows) but unfortunately I won't finish it before 2018, so perhaps it may make an appearance on next years list, alongside the finale???

Everless - Sara Holland
Okay, so Everless isn't actually out until 2018 (Jan 4th) but I was lucky enough to receive an ARC to read and boy, was it a great read! The whole concept of time being a currency that is extracted from your blood was so fascinating and intriguing to read about. So although we do see a few YA clich├ęs, because the foundation of the book is so wonderfully unique, you don't feel like your reading your typical, average YA fantasy story. I really enjoyed seeing Jules having great relations with people of different ages, since I feel like you don't see that much in YA. But one thing I loved in particular about Everless was the myths and legends that Sara Holland weaved into the story. They were captivating. (Click the cover to read my review)

Warcross - Marie Lu
 THIS BOOK WAS SO COOL!! So vibrant. So enthralling. So diverse. Just so wonderful. This is my first book by Marie Lu, but it certainly won't be the last. I actually had so much fun reading this book - I never knew if I would enjoy the whole gaming/technology concept, but I seriously did. The futuristic world Marie Lu created in Warcross was incredibly innovative & her characters were all so wonderful. Emika was a badass. Hideo was mysterious. And all of the side characters were just the cherry on top. Also, that ending has left me ridiculously excited for the sequel! (Click the cover to read my review)

When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon
I can't think about this book without smiling like a weirdo. This book means so much to me. Being British-Indian, I do struggle to sometimes see myself in YA characters, since most of them tend to be white. Although I can relate in some ways (such as personality or hobbies) I can never truly relate to a character on a more cultural level - until I read this book. I saw a lot of my life in Dimple's life (the food, the overbearing parents, the language, living for classic Bollywood movies) and that meant everything to me! Alongside that, I loved this book for its humour, for its adorable romance and for Rishi, the most precious cinnamon roll that ever lived. (Click the cover to read my blog tour post)

Simon Vs. - Becky Albertali
Another adorable YA contemporary that stole my heart. This book was contemporary heaven. Simon and Blue were so frigging cute, I can't even deal. I actually went into this book knowing who Blue was, but it did not take any enjoyment out of my reading experience. This book is more than just a romance though. It's about family. It's about friendship. But most of all, it's about coming to terms with who you are, accepting who you are, loving who you are and being ready or brave enough to share that knowledge with those who love you the most. This book left me with the fuzziest feeling ever & I am counting down the days until the movie is released so I can see this inspiring book brought to life! (Click the cover to read my review)

The Language of Thorns - Leigh Bardugo
No favourites list is complete without a book by Leigh Bardugo! This woman can do no wrong. Everything she writes, I devour and love. The Language of Thorns was no exception. All 6 short stories were amazing and so beautifully written. I tried picking a favourite, but I could only narrow it down to 2 stories; Ayama and the Thorn Wood & When Water Sang Fire. I loved all the stories, but these two were something special. I hope Leigh Bardugo decides to write more short stories like these because they are so good! And don't get me started on the illustrations!! *heart eyes* they were stunning!!

Strange the Dreamer - Laini Taylor
Last but certainly not least, we have my favourite book of the entire year: Strange the Dreamer! This book was LUSH. I could gush and rave about this book all day. Seriously. Everything about this book was perfection. The writing. The characters. The story. The world-building. ALL PERFECTION. Honestly, if you haven't read this book yet, what are you doing?! Go pick up a copy and read this gorgeous book! It's a slow-burn story, with the most lyrical writing and ahhhhhhhhhh I loved it!!! The sequel, Muse of Nightmares, is my no.1 anticipated read for 2018. I am dying to get my hands on it, especially after that ending *cries* But seriously, words cannot explain my love for this book. I only have the highest of praises for Laini Taylor! (Click the cover to read my review)

And there we have it, my favourite reads of 2017!
What books made it onto your favourite list?
Did you spot any of your favourites on my list?
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. A just wait until you read the rest of Shades of Magic. ;) The last book was my favorite. Simon vs is so cute and I really need to reread that this year, before I see the movie. I really liked The Language of Thorns as well last year. The illustrations were so pretty, right?

    1. I've heard the ending of AGoS is pretty brutal - my fragile heart is not ready!
      And yes, the illustrations are absolutely stunning!!