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Inferno - Review


Book Review:

Title: Inferno
Author: Catherine Doyle
Publisher: Chicken House
Release Date: January 7th 2016

 I received an early copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

 This trilogy just gets better and better with each book.

I knew it was going to be very hard for Inferno to exceed Vendetta, especially since I Loved the first book so much, but Cat knows exactly what she's doing.

Inferno surpassed every expectation that I had! It was everything I wanted and more.

I planned on savouring this book, taking my time with it, so I could really digest it all, but no, once I started reading, I simply could not stop.
We start off right where Vendetta left off with Sophie in hospital and from that very moment, from the very start, everything changes and it's like being on a roller-coaster ride with a million dips and loops which either makes your stomach drop straight to the ground or your heart soar. It was a whirlwind of emotions.

It was great to see all the Characters again, some considerably more than others *Cough* Luca *Cough* and getting to know characters that we met in Vendetta even more. We even get to meet some new faces in Inferno, who are all wonderful and scary in their own special way.

Before I forget, I need to make a special shout out to two special scenes which made me both swoon and squeal like a lovesick puppy. I can't say what those two scenes were because of spoilers (duh) but know that doughnuts are now my favourite food and Violets are now my favourite flowers. Reading those scenes made me feel complete. As Lizzie McGuire once said,

Favourite Character?
Nothing has changed since Vendetta, my heart still belongs to Luca. I don't think anyone can overtake Luca as my favourite character - He's Perfect.

Second Favourite?
Now, this answer has changed. After Vendetta, my second favourite character was Felice, however after Inferno, it has to be Millie. Millie has to be the most caring and bad-ass best friend I have ever read about. She stood by Sophie's side through everything and did not let Sophie feel alone or abandoned at any point. She represents everything a person would want in their best friend.

Now that I have read Inferno, I just have to (im)patiently wait for the third and final book to come out. It will be a long wait, so I guess to fill the time, I'll go read Inferno again.

5 Stars
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